I’ve been told by multiple people that I should offer poker coaching. Alrighty then. I’m willing to experiment.

What Games Do I think I Can Coach?
NLHE Cash, NLHE MTTs, from low-stakes to medium stakes, live and online. Sorry, I am not yet good enough at any other poker game to win long-term, let alone teach others how to win.

Why Do I think I can Coach Well?
Honestly, I’m not sure if I can. I have been a TA for high school and college students, as well as a camp counselor for middle school students. Granted, that experience was over a decade ago, but at least it shows I have a bit of pedagogical experience (and patience with students).

Also, I have played millions of NLHE hands, talked through decisions and concepts with other fantastic poker minds more times than I can count, received poker coaching from excellent teachers, read dozens of poker books, watched dozens of instructional videos, and regularly used software to find and fix mistakes in my game. I have good results and have been able to depend on poker as nearly my only source of income since 2005.

None of the above is a guarantee that I will be a good coach. Therefore, until I prove to myself and others that my coaching is worth paying for, I will offer coaching for a low hourly rate. Looking around the internet, most reputable coaches charge at least $50/hr. I will definitely start out lower than that, at least until I consider myself reputable.

What Will I Get Out of This?
Well, obviously I’d get some variance-free money. For a limited time, this will be well below the hourly rate I’d make at live poker (sick brag, I know). This is so I can determine whether or not I’m any good at coaching without feeling like early customers are getting ripped off by my grand coaching experiment.

Also, coaching gives me the opportunity to refine my own poker thought process by observing and explaining the decisions other people make in poker hands. That should theoretically improve my hourly when I play poker.

What Will You Get Out of This?
Hopefully by seriously discussing poker with me, you’ll make better decisions at the poker table in the future, which will in turn make you more money. Of course, this will also require heaps of work outside of our coaching sessions. Coaching is merely a jumping off point, not a panacea for your game. Hopefully I can provide both guidance on individual poker decisions and concepts, as well as a framework for self-criticism that helps you fix your own leaks and attack others’ leaks.

I can be a bit ruthless with myself when analyzing my own play; I expect a high caliber of poker decision making from myself and really feel the burn when I fail to live up to my standards. Sometimes I feel like if I’m not obsessing about getting better at poker, I’m not really trying hard enough. I hope to provide students with the same honest assessment I give my own game (though much more gently than I give it to myself).

How do You Get In On This?
Email me at this account: Tell me about with what games you play, what concepts you want to work on, what you think your leaks are, what style of learning suits you best, what your poker goals are, what you ate for breakfast, what your favorite breed of dog is, whatever you feel like. Honestly, if you email me and we have a discussion about poker and you think I’m a total clown who shouldn’t coach you, that’s alright by me. At least you made me put some thought into poker!

Also, feel free to email me an online tournament hand-history. If you’re one of the first three people to email me an online tournament hand history to I will review it for free.

Thanks for your consideration!