Hi, I’m Leo Wolpert. I used to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to be good at poker, so I could spend more time playing poker well enough to afford to live. Then I stopped spending enough time trying to get good at poker, and my hourly decreased to the point where it became more economically viable to do legal work to afford to live. I’ve had some good live tournament results over the years.

Before I became obsessed with poker, I was obsessed with an even more esoteric game: quizbowl. My (over-a-decade-ago) face used to be on the top of the ACF Quizbowl page; it no longer is, but I assure you it was taken right before we brought home a legit quizbowl championship for the University of Michigan. We won another one the next week. Good times.

Additionally, I went to law school at the University of Virginia and became a member of the Nevada bar. Since then, I have done legal work, mainly involving medical marijuana, prisoners’ rights litigation, and defense-side defamation litigation.

If you google my name, you may discover some other interesting things about me. I suggest you do that if you want some more info. Alternately, you can contact me on twitter or by email. I actually do check this email address these days, so fire away.