I’ve been told by multiple people that I should offer poker coaching. Alrighty then. I’m willing to experiment. In that spirit, I am offering Pay What You Want Coaching.

If you follow poker on social media, you have no doubt seen people offering poker coaching, poker seminars, poker videos and the like. It makes sense, cashing in on the credibility of one’s results is variance-free money. Plus, forcing yourself to evaluate your own thought process, understand another’s thought process, and articulate it all should ostensibly improve your own poker game. There are great coaches out there who are probably worth much more than what they charge. There are also charlatans and frauds out there. Either way, it’s tough to prove whether you’re getting your money’s worth from a poker coach.

I’d like to think I’m neither a charlatan nor a fraud. I’ve won a few poker tournaments and supported myself by playing NLHE for over a decade. I’d also like to think that I can write clearly enough to impart knowledge that others would find worthwhile. I regularly talk poker with people, and they seem to think I know what I am talking about. At least some of the time.

So, here’s the deal:

1. Email me a hand history or poker question at It can be about any game, at any stakes, tournament or cash game. Or it can be a more general, theoretical question. Really, any question about poker. For hand histories, please include all relevant information (positions, stack sizes, bet sizes, reads, etc). Warning: I know for a fact that I suck at any poker game that is not no-limit hold’em. There are certainly people out there who think I suck at that game, too. I don’t care. Whatever question you have, fire away.

2. I will provide you an answer whenever I feel like it. It may be sooner, it may be later; I have other work to do. I will make a good faith effort to provide a thorough, brutally honest answer. If I do not think I can provide a sufficient answer, I will tell you so, and try to point you in the right direction. You can also respond and keep engaging in an email correspondence.

3. You pay me whatever you think my poker advice is worth. That includes $0. If you really think the advice is worth absolutely nothing, I would appreciate it if you told me why, but that is optional. If you think my advice is just bad or wrong, I would be happy to engage in a discussion about it. If I can expose my own leaks via this exercise, all the better.

4. I donate half of whatever I make from this experiment to Three Square food bank. I am not affiliated with them in any way other than having donated to them in the past; as far as I know they do great work feeding Las Vegas’ hungry.

That’s it. Let’s see how this goes.